Best cheating devices for slot machines

Are you also looking for the best application that you can use to cheat the slots? If your answer is yes, then we are here to help you out. Slots are something that can help you out in getting the biggest payouts. That is why, it common that people use to consider slot cheats for earning big win at the casinos. Here are some of the tricks that you can also try.

1.Shaved Coins

With the advancement of technology, the slot machine uses a light sensor to register the payment. Due to having a large number of machines, the optic sensors work separately from the physical comparators. In case, the shaved coin sent down to the machine at the same time as an object that match is the size and the shape of the required stake coin then the saved coin will be returned just like any other object landed in the machine. And you will start playing.

2. Fake coins

Just like the fake news, there is also a method of slot cheating with the help of the fake coins. Yes since 1998, people are using the fake coins to scam the casinos for years.

3. Magnet

Yes, you have read it right. It is one of the best devices that you can use to cheat a slot machine. If there are old machines in the casino then you can easily cheat with them by using a magnet. Remove the magnet and you will be able to claim the payout.

4. Yoyo

It is also one of the best technique and a device that you can use for the slot cheat. Attach a string to the coin and send it to the machine until it triggers the start game. Then just bring the coin back up by using the string.

5. Bill validator device

It is also get an effective slot cheat device option available. This little device comes wrapped around able to fool the slot machine into thinking that it is accepting $100 bill. However, the truth is that it is just accepting a humble $1 bill. It is also one of the best cheat scam you can consider.

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